Florida may be at the top of everyone’s list to visit or even retire, but some of the most wonderful parts of Florida are also those that can affect the life of your roof when you are a Florida homeowner. 

The weather in Florida can affect the stability of your roof, from heat to rain, read on to learn more about protecting your roof and preparing to keep your roof in the best shape to extend its life.

Let’s start with the number one culprit, heat.

In the summertime, it is no mystery, Florida becomes very hot. As a subtropic state, the humidity is high and so are the temperatures. Metal roofs are not affected by the intense heat of the Florida sun; however, if you have shingles, you should be aware that the shingles can experience change in shape and decrease their functionality over time due to the intensity of the heat. As functionality decreases, the shingle can let in moisture, and ultimately rot can become a culprit as water begins to break through the roofing barrier and make its way into your home.

As mentioned above, the heat and humidity found in the subtropic climate of South Florida is one that should be monitored, as the humidity can increase the likelihood for rot and moisture. You want to make sure that your plywood under the roof, as well as your fascia are in good shape in order to keep your roof healthy. You will also want to monitor the effect of the UV rays on your shingle roof, as they can become brittle with age due to the ultraviolet rays.

One of the largest factors that can wear down your roof system are rainstorms and hurricanes. During heavy storms, the winds can cause shingles and tiles to lift and shift. From the ground, it may not look as though there is damage, but it is always a good idea after a storm to have somebody check your roof for signs of damage. Prevention of moisture damage is the number one way to preserve the longevity of your roof.

Ranger Roofing is here to help with the stress of the Florida weather. Our certified professionals can inspect your roof for signs of damage and provide you with a complimentary estimate for repairs or a new roofing system. Our team of experts is only one phone call away, so don’t hesitate to get your estimate today when you call Range Roofing at 561-842-6943.