Which Roof is Right For You

Which roofing system is right for you?

Investing in a new roofing system is a major decision, and with so much information about different types of roofs, which one is right for you? Take a deeper look at the three main roofing systems and let us help you make a decision that works best for you and your home.

What we will be reviewing:

  • Metal Roofs
  • Shingle Roofs
  • Tile Roofs

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are one of the best roofing types out of any product on the market today. Metal roofs in a standing seam construction are one of the most popular roofing types. Standing seam metal roofs have a number of advantages for residential homes. These roofing styles were once reserved only for commercial properties but they are today some of the most durable roofing systems made out of metal for residential properties, too.

The advantages of metal roofs:

  •  Improved lifespan: When it is properly installed a metal roof should last just as long as any house would. They can survive extremely high winds, they are resistant to fire, insects and even rot. A metal roof will require far less maintenance and care than many other roofing products on the market.
  •  The overall warranties of these products are excellent: Metal roofing in Palm Beach is typically warranted between 20 to 50 years and the paint finishes on most of these roofs can last around 30 years with a limited warranty.
  •  The weight: metal roofing is extremely light weight and this can reduce the overall strain on the structure of your roof. If you live in an area where debris on top of your roof can be common during storms, a lightweight metal roof can help to address areas where your roof can sink and damage over time.
  •  Improvements for drainage: metal roofs often have improvements when it comes to drainage and more.
  •  Insulation improvements: A metal roof can help with your insulation as well. The structure of a metal roof can work to help with heat and cooling loss over time quite easily.

Metal roofs can sometimes be dented or pierced due to storm damage but if there’s no extra damage to the roof they can last for up to 50 years at a time.

If you are considering a metal roof construction for your residential or commercial property be sure to contact the experts at Ranger Roofing today for a quote.

Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofs have long been one of the most popular roofing materials chosen for new roofing installations. The reason for the widespread nature of this roofing option comes with the idea of it being one of the least expensive options for roofing. Asphalt shingle roofing installations are also one of the most well-known options for roofers and homeowners for replacement. Three tab shingle installations come in many styles and many colors to suit the needs of a homeowner. These roofing installations can also come with a series of advantages.

  •  The largest advantage regarding asphalt shingles comes with the reduction in expenses as well as the quick ease of installation. These are systems that can be easily put up and repaired. There’s also the chance to quickly layer one set on top of another and cut down on the total amount of costs and installation time.
  •  Newer fiberglass shingles can also be labeled as fire resistant and highly insulated. These types of shingles also are far more resistant to algae and mold which can break down some of the other shingle types.
  •  An asphalt shingle will typically last for around 20 years making it a valuable choice for many homeowners that are interested in installing a new roof.

Challenges To Consider With Shingle Roofs:

  •  These roofing systems are amongst the most fragile on the market. A falling tree or major storm can often dislodge shingles or even lead to granule loss which can expose elements of the roof. When granules or areas of the roofing system dislodge, this can also lead to areas where water will pool and cause problems with drainage across the entire roofing system.
  •  If you are planning on staying in your home for more than 20 years it may be wise to invest in another roofing installation to cut down your costs for roofing repairs over time.

Tile Roofing

A tile roof can produce a beautiful and distinctive style for a home. This type of roofing system has been made popular across the Southwest and it’s likely that you may have noticed terra-cotta style roofing in the past. Tiles that are produced using clay or concrete are often a beautiful look for a home.

  •  These roofing systems are perhaps best known for their highly attractive appearance which can improve the curb appeal of any property. Regardless of the material types that you’re using, these are products that are built to last as well. A tile roof can last up to 50 years at a time and are ideal for homes that are built in dry climates.
  •  A tile roof is also considered to be fireproof and it is low maintenance. These systems do not grow mildew or algae, and they don’t require much cleaning unlike other types of roofing systems.
  •  Cutting edge technology has created new tile roofing systems that complement any home, work, or virtual property by resembling the look of slate or cedar shake for maximum versatility in the look of a residence or commercial building.

Challenging Facts About Tile Roofs

Although tile roofs offer many benefits, there are several concerns to consider before you purchase your next tile roof. 

  •  The largest disadvantage for a tile roof comes with their overall expense and the weight of the roofing tiles themselves. Roofing tiles are considered to be much heavier than other types of asphalt shingles or roofing materials. They can also be quite expensive to produce with a larger square tile sometimes costing up to $300.
  •  Tiles can last up to 50 years or more but the underlay for tiles will need to be replaced every 8 to 20 years. This process will require all of the tiles to be removed from your roof and then replaced again.
  •  Tile roofs are also fairly fragile for roofing inspections and this is why it’s important to always have a professional complete work on your tile roofs. The tiles can be quite fragile and any of the work undertaken on your roofing systems needs to be done in a delicate matter.

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