As the holiday season approaches, you may be getting ready to put up lights to celebrate the season. Since you will likely have to venture up onto your roof in order to get the holiday lights hung, special safety procedures are important to ensure that you get the job done without any accidents or injuries. Focus on the following safety tips:

  • Stay off the roof – If you are hanging lights on the side of your roof, then trying to hang them while standing on the roof requires bending over. This is not a safe position, especially when you are not used to walking on roof tiles. It is safer to remain on the ladder, provided you have it positioned so that you aren’t forced to reach for something.
  • Get the lights straightened up before you take them up to the roof – trying to detangle strings of lights creates a distraction and increased risk of falling off the roof or ladder. Have everything ready to go before you even consider the option of climbing up!
  • Have a spotter – when you don’t regularly use a ladder or work on the roof, it is a good idea to have someone with you to supervise and spot your ladder.